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How Much Traffic Does a Website Get? Top 5 Alexa Alternatives to Figure It Out, the popular traffic measurement tool, is going away. Here are our picks for five replacements to help you estimate: How much traffic does a website get?

Top 5 Zero Waste Laundry Detergents for Eco-Friendly Washing

Green up your laundry with zero-waste, eco-friendly laundry detergent options. Chemicals are out, sustainability is in.

Top 5 Best Portable Monitors to Supercharge Your Productivity on the Go

Don't sacrifice productivity just because you're working on-the-go. Portable monitors allow you to use multiple screens no matter where you might be working that day.

Top 5 Brands for Women’s Tummy Control Shapewear

Shapewear can be very empowering and inspire confidence. These 5 brands have shapewear that's great for tummy control — and more — so you can stop sucking in and start owning whatever room you're in.

Top 5 Cheap Internet Services Without a Phone Line or Cable

Even if you don't have a phone line or cable, it's still possible today to get high-speed internet in your home. Here are services that can provide it.

Top 5 Retro Typewriters for Writers Who Want to Type Like Their Heroes

A typewriter was the tool of many of the greatest writers you've read your whole life. You can get a little closer to them with your writing by getting your own typewriter, whether it's a restored classic or a modern e-ink device.

Top 5 Mental Health Apps to Help Make Things Better

Mental health is important and there are now several apps that focus on helping you through online therapy, meditation, journaling, building healthy habits, and more.

The Definitive Guide to Couponing at Macy's

How to find the best coupons, promo codes, and deals for Macy's. Using the Macy's rewards program, and finding ways to get discounts on Macy's purchases.

6 Simple Ways to Find Bloomingdale's Promo Codes That Actually Work

Shopping at Bloomingdale's? Follow these easy steps to find promo codes that actually work.

4 of the Best Meal Replacement and Supplement Drinks Compared

Here are 4 of the top meal replacement and supplement drinks compared, so you don’t have to waste time and money trying to figure out which is best on your own.

Top 5 Coupon Bloggers of 2015

We've rated (on a 1-10 scale) active coupon bloggers based on a variety of categories and have determined our top 5 coupon bloggers of 2015.

Micro vs Macro YouTubers: Which Are Best For Your Brand and 5 Platforms to Find Them

Should you partner with micro or macro YouTubers, or a mix of both? Know the pros and cons, so your brand can make the most of your marketing dollars.

6 Foolproof Ways to Find A Working Old Navy Promo Code

Need to switch up your wardrobe without spending a fortune? Check out our guide to finding Old Navy promo codes that work.

Top 5 VR Fitness Games: Get in Shape with Virtual Reality

Get healthy with virtual reality. Check out these five VR fitness games for your immersive home exercise needs.

Top 5 Pre Made Smoothies for All of Us Too Busy to Make Smoothies the Regular Way

Prepping, blending, and cleaning up after making smoothies at home takes a lot of time. Here are five great ready-to-blend pre-made smoothies to save you all that time with your at-home smoothie needs.

Top 5 Places to Buy Custom Sustainable Packaging for Your eCommerce Business

Sustainable packaging is good for the Earth and good for your eCommerce business's brand. Here are 5 great custom packaging supply manufacturers for your eco-friendly needs.

The Top 5 Websites to Find the Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet You Need to Win

Need an edge in fantasy football? We've tried out all the top analytics and handicapping sites out there to find the best fantasy football cheat sheets and more.

Top 5 Grocery Delivery Services for Organic Foods

Getting organic food delivered is easier than ever. Check out these five best grocery delivery services for all of your organic food needs.

Apple Wireless Charging: Top 5 Products to Charge Your iPhone and More

Apple products look good. A bunch of cords look bad. Here are our picks for the best wireless chargers for your iPhone, AirPods, Apple Watch, and more.

Top 5 Low-Cost Online Pharmacies to Save Money and Get Your Prescriptions Delivered

Online pharmacies are a great way to save both time and money. Get lower cost prescriptions delivered right to you, no drive to the pharmacy required. Here are our picks for the five best.

Top 5 Investing Websites Where You Can Invest in Your Hobbies

Sure, you could invest in the stock market or cryptocurrency. But wouldn't it be more fun to invest in your hobbies, like wine, baseball cards, or video games? There are lots of new apps that facilitate just that.

The Top 5 Best Stock Footage Websites for Business Videos

When you're making professional videos — whether for your company's social media or a presentation — a little bit of well-placed stock footage can make your video shine. Here are five sites that are great options for grabbing stock footage.

Top 5 Social Media Management Apps for Influencers (or Aspiring Influencers)

Want to streamline your social media management as an influencer (or soon-to-be influencer)? These are great apps to save time, curate better content, and more.

Top 5 Play Couches When Your Kids Want to Build a Fort

Play couches let kids build forts, jump and play, fall down, relax, and use their creativity. Here are our 5 picks for the best play couches for your active child.

Top 5 Children’s Debit Cards for Teaching Your Kids Money Management

Handing a kid cash to put in a piggy bank doesn't teach them the realities of modern financial literacy. Prepare your kid for the real money management decisions they'll face in life with a children's debit card.

The Top 5 Car Buying Apps for Buying a Car Without Ever Leaving Your House

The days of going to a dealership to buy a car are over. There are lots of new online car buying sites where you can buy a car and have it delivered without ever leaving the house.

6 Instagram Story Ideas for Your Business if You (Still) Can’t Add Links

Even if you can't add links to your Instagram Stories, this unique content format affords brands opportunities to engage fans. Here are the top ways brands are succeeding with link-free Instagram Stories.

10 Reasons to Start Your Coupon Search on Dealspotr, not Google

How you can save time and more money by starting every coupon code search with Dealspotr instead of Google, RetailMeNot, or

5 Online Alcohol Treatment Options to Take the First Step in the Privacy of Your Own Home

When you're ready to get help, you can now do so without leaving your house. Here are five places providing online alcohol addiction treatments to help you quit.

Top 5 Mocktails You Should Buy When You Need a Break from Alcohol

Want the taste or ritual of having a cocktail without all the downsides of drinking lots of alcohol? There are lots of great craft alcohol-free liquors and premixed drinks now on the market.

The Top 5 Best Electric Bikes Under $1,000

Want an electric bike without breaking the bank? Here are five great options for electric bikes that cost under $1,000 for your commute, off-roading, and other adventures.

Top 5 Grow Tents for Growing Hydroponics in a Small, Safe Space

Ready to grow your own legal marijuana at home? You'll need a good grow tent to make that happen. Here are our top pics.

Top 5 Spots to Buy PowerPoint Templates to Dazzle at Your Next Work Presentation

Looking for better templates for your next PowerPoint presentation or deck? These marketplaces have wide varieties of templates to fit your needs, whether you're looking for modern, animated, and/or unique.

Top Five Fertility Monitor Brands for When You’re Trying (or Trying Not) to Conceive

Looking for a great tech solution for a fertility monitor if you want to have a baby — or really don't want to have a baby? Here's your buying guide.

Top 5 Deodorants and Antiperspirants to Defeat Your Excessive Sweating

Suffer from excessive sweating? Here are five options you can quickly roll or wipe on your underarms (or other body parts) to get things under control.

Top Five Dog Vitamin and Supplement Brands for the Healthiest Pup in Town

Keep your dog healthy and happy with top-of-the-line dog vitamins and supplements. Here are our picks for the best brands for your best friend.

5 Cool Things You Can Do with Microsoft's New Edge Browser

There's been a lot of hype surrounding the release of Microsoft's new browser, Edge, which is poised to supplant Internet Explorer as the official Microsoft browser. Aside from being a completely new browser, Edge features a brand new layout engine that renders pages much faster than its predecessor, making it a viable contender against popular browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, and Safari.

Top 5 Payroll Software Options for Small and Medium Businesses (2021)

Looking for the right software to handle your payroll, benefits, and more? These five payroll SaaS options are great options for small- to medium-sized businesses everywhere.

500+ Online and IRL Side Hustles to Score You Some Extra Cash

Over 500 side hustles, gigs, and jobs to supplement your income or flesh out your freelance career.

25 Surprising Facts & Statistics about eSports & Professional Video Gaming

eSports have brought competitive video gaming mainstream. We've rounded up the 25 most interesting facts about the $1.5 billion industry.

Influencer Marketing for Gaming Brands: Campaign Ideas, Success Stories, & Where to Find Gaming Influencers

Gaming influencers are popular, among fans and game developers. Learn how to find the best gaming influencers for your brand, and get inspired by the brands doing it right.

25 Free and Low-cost Coding Websites, Apps, and Courses for Kids

Want to get your kids a head start on learning to code? Here are the best free and low-cost coding apps, websites, and physical camps that will teach your child to code in no time.

Weekly Top 5: The Best Services for Your Marijuana Delivery Needs

Not only is marijuana legalized in many states now, but delivery services are popping up to bring your weed right to your door. Here are five of the best services in California.

Weekly Top 5: The Best Sparkling Waters to Add Some Bubbles to Your Life

Sparkling water is wildly popular and isn't going anywhere. There are lots of great options out there for your next drink — here are our top recommendations.

Weekly Top 5: Trending Products for Healthy, White Teeth

Get your teeth in great shape — on the outside and inside — with these five popular products. Your oral health and your smile will thank you.

Weekly Top 5: Spooky Decor Products to Decorate with This Halloween

Get your house into the Halloween spirit with these decor options from small businesses.

The Pet Travel Beginners Guide: 5 Things You Need to Buy Before You Fly

Thinking about getting on an airplane with your pet for the first time? Here are the products you need to buy before your trip to make everything go smoothly.

Weekly Top 5: The Top 5 Products for Your Number 2

You spend a good chunk of your life sitting on the toilet. Why not make that time better by improving all aspects of your "movements"?
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