Spring 2022 Semester

Smart Savings Scholarship

$1,500 Scholarship Contest
Share your best tips for saving money for a chance at one of three $500 scholarships

Smart Savings Scholarship

It’s never too early to start saving money. We at Dealspotr have seen, time after time, high school and college students often come up with some of the most creative and smart ways to save money — techniques and ideas which, frankly, everyone could really learn from.

Our Smart Savings Scholarship is a celebration of those ideas. Every quarter, we’ll award $500 scholarships to three students around the U.S. who share with us the answer to the question: What’s the most creative way you’ve saved money?

Saving money could mean...

  • Strategies you crafted to save up for college, a car, the prom, or anything else
  • A plan you made in a club or organization to help the budget
  • Your best tip for getting deals or discounts when you’re shopping

To enter, write a short essay (250 words or less) to share your savings tip. Tell the world how you’ve saved money. Our editors will review every submission and we’ll select three that provide the most helpful, unique, and creative advice to each receive a $500 scholarship.

Application and scholarship details

  • Your submission should provide the best, most unique strategy you’ve personally used to save money.
  • Your tip must be a written submission.
  • You must submit your tip using the form at the bottom of this page.
  • Submissions will be judged based on novelty and usefulness of the tools described as well as creativity and writing quality.
  • Your tips should be applicable and useful to students in any location.

Submit your tip through the form on this page by March 25, 2022.

Three $500 scholarships will be awarded to three students. The recipients will be announced on April 8, 2022 and will be notified via email. Scholarship recipients will have two weeks to claim the scholarship. The $500 scholarship will be remitted within one week of the recipient’s claim either directly to the recipient or to the recipient’s college or university, based on school scholarship requirements.

Eligibility requirements

  • You must be enrolled in a U.S. high school, college or university.
  • High school students must be over age 13, and any students under 18 must receive permission from a parent or legal guardian to enter.
  • You must be a U.S. citizen.
  • College students must provide a valid .edu email address with your application.
  • By submitting, you give Dealspotr permission to share your tip on a blog post or other channels.

Submit your tip here

Scholarship Winner's Circle

Fall 2021

Smart Savings Scholarship Video Contest

Scholarship: $500

Winner: Connor Tharp

Video: Thrifting

Winner: Asjia Roberson

Video: Smart Savings With Style

Winner: Benjamin Schwartz

Video: Envelope Savings Tips

Spring 2020

Couponing in College Short Answer Contest

Scholarship: $1,000

Winner: Paola Mellado

School: Louisiana State University

Major: Nursing

Graduation year: 2024

Winning Tip: "The way I saved money in college was by starting a clothing drive in my sorority house. I realized that I had spent a lot of my money on clothes and accessories to use for college events. I created two spreadsheets, one where girls can go on google docs and add any clothes they did not want or use anymore that other girls in the house might want and use for other events. The other was for girls to include clothing or accessories that they needed and wanted to borrow for the day. Although you may think, well you can just go around and ask people, this was more useful than people thought because as girls would go on and put their items they needed, they also saw the needs of other girls and let them borrow whatever they needed if they had it. These methods saved us a lot of money throughout the semester that most of us ended up using towards college funds!"

Winning this scholarship is an amazing opportunity for me to save money throughout college by helping me pay for my books and classes. I think Dealspotr’s idea on sharing other people’s ideas on how to save for college is very helpful to many other students looking to save for college!

Fall 2018

Couponing in College Short Answer Contest

Scholarship: $1,000

Winner: Allison Tallman

School: University of Tulsa

Major: Speech Pathology

Graduation year: 2020

Winning Tip: "The way I saved money in college was by starting a textbook drive in my sorority house. At the end of the semester, girls would donate textbooks that they had not sold back or any others from previous semesters. ISBN's were entered into a Google Document and shared with everyone in the house. People were able to check these books out at no cost. We eventually got a large stock of textbooks and some girls did not have to buy them! This helped me and around 200 other women save a little money on this extremely overpriced college essential."

Saving money in college is so important and can be done in so many creative ways. I love Dealspotr's idea of sharing ways that real college students save money! I will use the prize money to pay off student loans and continue my journey to becoming a speech pathologist!

Spring 2018

Couponing in College Short Answer Contest

Scholarship: $1,000

Winner: Alan Kwong

School: Pennsylvania State University

Winning Tip: Shoutout brands on Twitter for coupons and free sample

"This scholarship money will help to pay off some of my tuition for college. Thanks Dealspotr for helping me to pursue my interests in Electrical Engineering at Penn State!"

Fall 2017

Couponing in College Essay Contest

Scholarship: $2,000

Winner: Jaqueline Rojas Robles

School: University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)

Winning Essay: Saving Money in College through the Power of Couponing

"Thank you Dealspotr for this amazing opportunity! Receiving this scholarship will help reduce my financial burdens and allow me to pay my tuition for this semester. As a result, I will be able to register for classes next semester and be a step closer to obtaining my degree in Bioengineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago."

Spring 2017

Couponing in College Essay Contest

Scholarship: $2,000

Winner: Gabriel Rios

School: University of Central Florida

Winning Essay: Couponing in College + Money Saving Pro Tips

"Thank you to DealSpotr for this wonderful opportunity! The scholarship will be very useful for the texts and classes required by my major program. I'll be putting the funds to good use, considering my textbooks next semester are totaling about $650!"

Fall 2016

Money-Saving Resources for College Students Essay Contest

Scholarship: $1,000

Winner: Grant Kleiman

School: Southwest Minnesota State University

Winning Essay: Appy Hour: Money-Saving Tools for Smart College Students

"The scholarship will be very useful in covering the cost of books and other expenses. One of my books next semester costs $215.00! I'm currently studying Professional Writing at Southwest Minnesota State University and plan to pursue a career in writing and counseling."

Spring 2016

Couponing in College Essay Contest

Scholarship: $2,500

Winner: Kayleigh Warburton

School: University of Central Florida

Fall 2015

Dealspotr Scholarship Giveaway

Scholarship: $1,000

Winner: Kaitlyn Vogt

School: Grand Valley State University